After a confined vacation, students from Zone C return to school at home

After a confined vacation, students from Zone C return to school at home

It’s the end of the holidays for zone C this Sunday evening. A last day of respite before going back to school at home, as a family from Perpignan told at the microphone of Europe 1, who took advantage of these two weeks despite the confinement.

It is the end of the school holidays for zone C. Even if the pupils cannot return to the benches of their class, the school will still resume at home, with its advantages and disadvantages, as a story goes. family of Perpignan.

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“I’m not very, very impatient, but it’s okay. After, it’s cool because we don’t have to get up at 7 am”, consoles Isaure who will resume on Monday, a small rhythm: an awakening not too early, two hours of work in the morning, almost as much in the afternoon. More schedules to respect and therefore less play with his big sister Margot than during the two weeks of vacation.

“Educational continuity, before the holidays, it was quite difficult”

“We watch cartoons from time to time. After we have the garden, then we have fun, we invent stories,” she says. “They draw a lot” adds their mother, Emmanuelle, who specifies: “They have more time to do it and we also have more time to watch”. The outcome of these two weeks of vacation is therefore positive for the latter, who is quite proud of her two daughters, whose hidden talents she has discovered.


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As a teacher, Emmanuelle does not regret having been able to breathe, too. “The educational continuity, before the holidays, it was quite difficult to set up because you have to manage the children at home my personal work with all the requests of my students”. A race against the clock which will resume on Monday. The mother therefore wants to take advantage of her last day of rest. On the program: family pastry. “We will make the most of it,” confirms Margot.


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