Ahmad “sole responsible” for his elimination, he says everything (Excluded)


This Friday, April 10, in episode 6 of “Koh-Lanta”, Ahmad was eliminated after the council. No longer enjoying the protection of the ex-yolks after Moussa decided to break their pact, the ex-red was in the crosshairs of several candidates. Exclusively for Non Stop People, he returned to his adventure. He also agreed to take stock of the strategy he adopted in the competition.
Non Stop People: How did you experience your elimination at this stage of the adventure?

Ahmad : It was a disappointment necessarily, because I wanted to go as far as possible. I had the promise of Moussa, Claude and the ex-yellows to be the last of the reds. Unfortunately, this promise was not kept to the end. Afterwards, I can’t throw a stone at them, I don’t blame them for that. I am solely responsible for this elimination. I suffered my adventure since the reunification, I was no longer master of the game and I should not have bet everything on a promise because we stay on Koh-Lanta, anything can happen. I should have been the master of my adventure, actor, decision maker. I wanted too much not to make waves, to stay back, to be forgotten for a few days to save time and to infiltrate the yolks. It did not work.

Non Stop People: Did Moussa inform you of the end of your pact after the council?

Ahmad : For me, it is he who pulls the strings because it is he who put the flea in the ear to everyone by leaving the board. This equality didn’t bother anyone at all. At the last minute, I changed my vote against Charlotte for Eric in order to protect myself in the event of a Pholien necklace. There was absolutely no attempt at shenanigans or strategy against the yellows. I had an agreement with Claude and Moussa and I had no interest in creating any controversy. My goal was to be content to be the last of the reds.

Non Stop People: But you didn’t warn them …

Ahmad : I did not warn them because for me, there was no consequence. They already had the majority to release Pholien and Eric, so my vote didn’t change anything. I knew at the last minute that the reds were going to put my name in the ballot box. So I changed my vote. I explained it, but when I left Moussa broke the pact. The yolks followed him like sheep and it suited everyone because my head was put at price since the elimination of Teheiura. I was cataloged like the brain of the reds. Moussa and Claude used this little mistake as an excuse to eliminate myself, so as not to keep my promise. They were right to eliminate me because I could have caused them problems.

“I made a series of mistakes …”

Non Stop People: So you were a danger to them?

Ahmad : Clearly, yes. Claude wanted to eliminate me since the elimination of Teheiura. He knows very well that it was I who was leading the game. Moussa to the ambassadors immediately sees that I am trying to turn the brain over to Alexandra – we didn’t see it on the screen – but he sees it all right now. They recognize these qualities in me. Inevitably, they are like me, they want to have control of the game. We are in competition and they want to eliminate me.

Non Stop People: You give your black vote to Teheiura. Do you regret having mounted a strategy against him to eliminate him?

Ahmad : No, I don’t regret the things I do. Afterwards, I made a series of mistakes which led to my defeat. I can only blame it on myself, I will not blame Claude or Moussa or the yellows. If I lost, it was because I was not good enough, I could not find the solutions to get out of it. I don’t regret eliminating Teheiura, I just think it was a mistake to do it so early. It exposed me to everyone so much that my head was priced. I had a negative image from that point on. I was seen as the strategist, the brain. When Delphine leaves, that image, she has multiplied it by ten. Even if there was a lot of exaggeration in his words which, for me, were excessive and disproportionate, these words remain in the minds of the yellows. I think it was the perception and my image that made the yellows fear me and used the first pretext to eliminate me.

Non Stop People: What is your assessment of your adventure?

Ahmad : I realized one of my dreams, I’m happy. I didn’t go all the way, it was complicated, but I only want to remember the positive because there were some. It was the experience of a lifetime. It taught me things, I know myself better. It adds a line to my CV. I am happy with this experience of a lifetime.