Airbnb creates a cleaning protocol and requires 24 hours between two rentals

Airbnb creates a cleaning protocol and requires 24 hours between two rentals

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Airbnb is already planning. The travel rental giant has just announced a cleaning protocol that its hosts will have to follow when resuming their activity, and which should reassure customers.

The containment of billions of people around the world has brought an abrupt end to the tourism industry, and Airbnb has not been spared. To compensate for the financial losses of its hosts, the company paid them $ 250 million and even realized a billion dollar fundraiser to prepare for post-containment. In addition, travelers who made a reservation during this period can now benefit froma credit to postpone their stay and therefore are not forced to cancel it.

Certification highlighted on the platform

In order to reassure its customers and encourage them to travel, Airbnb will launch, starting in May, a cleaning and disinfection protocol established in agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and experts such as American doctor Vivek Murthy.

Airbnb explains that this protocol contains ” specific information on COVID-19 prevention, such as the use of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves for hosts and their cleaners, as well as disinfectants approved by the authorities

The hosts adhering to this protocol will obtain a certification and will however have to respect a period of 24 hours between each stay in order to guarantee that no harmful particle is still present in the air. This period is extended to 72 hours for those who will not use the protocol.

Travel industry to change

The hosts have every interest in participating in this program: on the platform, Airbnb users will be able to limit their searches to accommodation that has obtained certification. The firm also declares that it is in contact with the local authorities in order to update its protocol according to the evolution of the experts’ recommendations.

According to Airbnb, this solution goes hand in hand with the new face of travel: ” Historically, customers have shown interest in Airbnb due to amenities like private kitchens and washing machines. Today more than ever, travelers can choose Airbnb ads that allow them to better control their environment and their travel experience.

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