Airbnb establishes new cleaning protocols for accommodation

Airbnb establishes new cleaning protocols for accommodation

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The travel industry has begun to realize the need to offer guarantees on cleanliness. Last week, Marriott International communicated its improved standards, including spraying hotel rooms with disinfectant after each guest stay. And now Airbnb he takes up the post with the aim of reassuring both rental property owners and their guests.

In a statement from the San Francisco-based company it was stated that a protocol optional offer guidance on the best and safest practices for cleaning the different rooms of a residence, in a manual of more than 40 pages that includes the specification of particular chemical products and other products to make the task more efficient. The protocol, for those hosts who choose to participate in the program, will also require a minimum of 24 hours between rentals, to reduce the chance of a host finding residual viruses. The web company knows from its surveys that cleanliness is a high priority for guests.

Spa sector at the Casa Grande Hotel

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Spa sector at the Casa Grande Hotel

The new global Airbnb protocols, which will be made public in early May in the United States, They arrive at the most difficult moment of tourism: travel was drastically reduced worldwide. Even, In March, the online rental company received criticism from guests who felt its cancellation policies were unclear. He later ended up establishing a $ 250 million fund to cover the reimbursement costs of the hosts for all those unused stays.

These new hygienic guidelines for hosts include rRecommendations for personal protective equipment during cleaning, such as masks and gloves, and will have the option of an online function that automatically prevents reservations less than 72 hours apart, as an additional security measure. This is based on the idea that you have a long enough period of time for a virus to not survive until the next host arrives. For the owners of accommodation, abiding by the new protocols will add an extra value to their property.

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The idea of ​​spacing out guest rooms isn’t unique to Airbnb. In addition to rigorous cleaning, Oxford Hotels & Resorts, which manages a number of luxury establishments in the United States, leave rooms empty after guests leave, as a precaution, for as long as they can.

Source: USA Today.


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