Alcampo launches the sale by WhatsApp

Alcampo launches the sale by WhatsApp

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Auchan Retail Spain, the owner of the hypermarkets and supermarkets that operate under the Alcampo banner, has launched a new service to boost sales during the confinement period. It’s called WhatsApp Bussines and the idea is to use the messaging service to connect buyers with sellers from their stores, whether through chat, voice calls or video calls.

The service is limited at the moment to two categories of products, technology and household appliances. They are some of the ones that have seen their sales decrease the most since the beginning of the confinement, while food grows in double digits during this period in stores and at rates of 80% online.

Alcampo will have this offer operational for now in a twenty hypermarkets in the Community of Madrid and Catalonia. The company has created a web page ( where you can consult the number that corresponds to each of the centers.

The company promises delivery times to the customer’s address in no more than 72 hours. Payment will be made upon receipt of the order and always by debit or credit card. The service includes in the case of household appliances the commissioning of the new appliance as well as the collection of the old one.

Auchan Retail Spain has 339 establishments in Spain: 62 hypermarkets and 277 supermarkets, in addition to 53 gas stations and their online service and a staff of more than 20,000 people.



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