Alexia Rivas, Merlos’s girlfriend, defends her honor and announces legal measures

Alexia Rivas, Merlos's girlfriend, defends her honor and announces legal measures


The Mediaset reporter, one of the protagonists of the weekend for her love triangle with Alfonso Merlos and Marta Lopez, has said ‘enough’. Alexia Rivas, who has spoken in different media about her relationship with the journalist, denounces an attack against him and warns that he could take legal measures.

“In the course of the last few days, I have witnessed with great sadness and disappointment how they have been attributed to me and disseminated in various media outlets with non-truthful and defamatory information. In addition, statements have been poured that seriously attack my privacy and against my own image, constituting all this a clear violation of the right of my honor, “reads the statement provided by Lacaci & Delgado Abogados.

Alexia Rivas has contracted the services of this well-known office to request the cessation of such information: “Regardless of the legal actions that may be exercised, all media are required not to disseminate not truthful or not duly contrasted with the reality of the facts that are intended to spread as well as refrain from spreading or publishing, by any means, any defamatory, insulting or slanderous comment against our represented, in order not to violate the honor and the image of our client who, however, reserves all appropriate legal actions to restore their right to honor and self-image. “

Alexia: “Marta is Alfonso’s past” Last Saturday, Alexia gave her first interview on the program for which she has been working for four years, Socialité. The journalist said bluntly: “In the first place, I have not done, nor did he, anything bad. Marta is Alfonso’s past, he put loving comments in my public photos, we have never hidden.”

Rivas assured that he had been dating Merlos for three weeks, that is, that they began a relationship in full quarantine: “I have known Alfonso for years, the messages we have exchanged over time have been professional. When I began to know him more , he is single”. And he added about Alfonso’s alleged infidelity to Marta: “We have spoken as a couple and talked a lot, we have put questions on the table and we have been honest, about the foundations, what we should know, for us it remains, and it is enough for me.”