Alexia Rivas releases a statement and threatens to take legal action

Alexia Rivas releases a statement and threatens to take legal action


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Until just a few days ago, Alexia Rivas was only one of the reporters of Socialite who was dedicated to asking celebrities about their private lives. Now, the young journalist has become one more character in the orbit of Telecinco after she came out half naked in a live show by Alfonso Merlos and all the media are aware of each of her movements.

The three protagonists of the soap opera They have spoken about everything that happened. However, the story has only just begun. Everyone is talking about the #MerlosPlace case. It is not only a recurring theme in Mediaset programs, it is also in competitions and other media.

Aware of the magnitude of the news, Alexia Rivas has contacted her lawyers to release a statement threatening to take legal action against all those who attempt against his image.

“In the course of the last few days I have witnessed with great sadness and disappointment how they have been attributed to me and disseminated in various media, facts with non-truthful and defamatory information. Furthermore, statements have been poured that seriously undermine my privacy and my own image, constituting all this a clear violation to the right of my honor “, affirms the journalist.

Alexia ends this statement by saying that “it reserves all appropriate legal actions to restore its right to honor and its own image.”

Ready for the next episode of #MerlosPlace soap opera?



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