Alone during confinement, Mathias fell back into alcohol

Alone during confinement, Mathias fell back into alcohol

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Confined alone and far from his family, Mathias fell back into the alcohol on which he had not been dependent for several months. At the microphone of “La Libre antenne”, on Europe 1, Mathias tells Olivier Delacroix how he found an escape from alcohol in painting.

Mathias is confined alone to Chamonix far from his family who is in Brittany. For three weeks, he could no longer communicate with his family due to cell phone problems. Loneliness then led him to drink alcohol again. At the microphone of “La Libre antenne”, on Europe 1, Mathias talks about his loneliness and tells how painting allows him to free himself from alcohol.

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I’m struggling with this confinement. I am confined to Chamonix. I am from Brittany, so I am far from my family. My contract is finished because I am in the catering industry which is very affected by confinement. I think it’s going to be complicated. I don’t know if I’m going to have more work. It was quite difficult, because I had laptop and connection issues. For three weeks, I was cut off from the world, I had nothing to communicate.

I could not reach Brittany because my contract ended on March 16. The next day I wanted to take buses and it was impossible. They didn’t give us a few days to come back or find a solution. I found myself stranded in Chamonix. I do not have to complain because it is a beautiful region. I’m not a fan of the internet, but it’s great to be able to communicate with the outside world.

Loneliness brings bad things

In addition, I fall into my tracks. I fall back into the alcohol that I had forgotten for six or seven months before coming from Chamonix. I fall back into these bad things. For two or three weeks, I couldn’t have been on the phone with my mother, brother and sister, whom I am very close to. It changes having internet. I’m not saying it’s revolution because I know how to occupy myself, I paint.

It’s important to be able to talk to other people. I think a lot about people who can’t say goodbye to the people they love. We suffer from not being able to see our loved ones. For me, this is a very great suffering. Loneliness leads to bad things, not having people to rely on. I try to abide by certain rules of life, do not get up too late in the morning, do my painting. But sometimes I feel like I’m bothering. Here I have a good acquaintance, but I have no friends. I’m wandering. That’s the hard part.

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I had stopped drinking for five months because I didn’t want to touch alcohol anymore. I was at my best artistically. It was great. At work, it hurt me. I have a lot of passions, I paint a lot. I found redemption in painting and reading. Painting is something that really touches me. I only got good feedback on it. It gives a breath of life.


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