Amazon’s drugstore brand Presto in the household test

Amazon's drugstore brand Presto in the household test

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drugstore brands in the test

Housekeeping can be a chore. Especially when cleaning agents are expensive and bring nothing. We have Amazon’s drugstore brand Presto! tested against branded products. Here comes our result.

Our test at a glance

  • Detergents, stain removers, scented candles and detergents were tested

  • Amazon’s brand Presto! competed against branded products in every category

  • Our conclusion: Amazon can easily keep up

Detergent tested: Presto! against fairy

Anyone who does not own a dishwasher knows the problem: most of the dish leaves streaks on the dishes, grease is not washed off properly and, above all, heavier soiling has to soak over a long period of time in order to become clean at all. I have sworn by Fairy Ultra concentrate for a long time. But also Presto! has a detergent in the range, so I dare to compare. The crime scene: two wine glasses soiled with grease stains, lipstick and agave syrup.

Our conclusion: which is the best detergent?

There is a clear draw in this category! Presto! could easily keep up with the branded product. The result for both products: a small amount was enough to remove the dirt. No matter whether fat, lipstick or sticky syrup: everything dissolved wonderfully and streak-free into nothing. In comparison, Presto! even cheaper than Fairy’s competitor product.

Amazon’s dishwashing liquid is available in a practical pack of 10. One bottle contains one liter of dishwashing liquid. It foams up nicely, cleans reliably and smells mild to barely noticeable. Our conclusion: passed the test!

If you like it a little more fruity in the fragrance, you will enjoy Fairy. Because that smells nice and fresh of pomegranate. This product also comes in a pack of 10, but one bottle only contains 450 milliliters. However, these are also very productive. What we particularly like about this product is that the bottle is made from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Amazon Presto! against Gies and bolsius: The best scented candle

Admittedly, scented candles are an individual matter in any case. Some prefer fruity, others love vanilla. For my part, I like it when scented candles only exude a light, fruity aroma. Fragrances that are too penetrating quickly cause me a headache. That’s why in our scented candle test, I primarily rated the burning time, the intensity of the smell and the look of the candle. The scent direction was secondary to me.

Durft candles in comparison: This candle convinces

In this comparison, one is clearly ahead: the scented candle from Bolsius. After a very short time, it exudes a pleasant and mild smell that covers bad smells, but does not hover over everything. Amazon Presto! Candles land right behind. These also hardly smell and are therefore very pleasant. What is particularly beautiful about these candles: the simple glass, which does completely without printing or glue. The Dufti by Gies candle was not convincing.

The scented candles from Presto! come in a pack of 6. The two directions are Fresh Linen and Floral Garden. Both candles smell rather mild or not at all, but ensure a fresh feeling in the room. A candle burns for up to 20 hours.

Those who like vanilla will love the Bolsius scented candle. The smell is pleasant, not too penetrating or even annoying. The candle burns for up to 25 hours. The only small drop of bitterness: the sticker on the glass is very difficult or even impossible to remove.

The Gies scented candle did not convince at all. This barely fulfills its purpose, since it hardly smells at all. The glass does not look very decorative, which is why it would be better to use a nice, non-smelling candle.

Detergent in check: Amazon against Ariel

Washing clothes is probably one of the most annoying things in the household. All the more annoying when there are stains on clothing that are simply no longer washable. In such cases, the right detergent and a good stain remover can decide whether the favorite shirt has to be put in the trash or can still be worn. We have Amazon Presto Detergent! compared to Ariel’s branded agent. We have prepared various substances with red wine, tomato sauce, turmeric, earth, grass and blueberries. Piece 1 was a blouse, piece 2 a white bed sheet. And spoiler: There was a clear winner this time. Amazon!

Our conclusion

Whether stubborn red wine or blueberry residues – Presto! does a convincing job. Almost all stains are gone or barely visible.

The universal laundry detergent is available in a 3-pack from Amazon. One box is enough for 40 wash loads. The detergent has a strong smell of soap, but smells nice and fresh after washing.

The Ariel detergent is not only twice as expensive as the Presto! Product, it is also not particularly convincing in the test. I turn a blind eye to stubborn red wine stains, but the detergent doesn’t even wash simple soil out of the fabric.

Now the dirt is on the collar! This is the best stain remover

Last but not least, we have the Presto stain remover! taken a closer look. The opponent in the stain test: Frosch’s stain dwarf. And even though I used the powder in very high doses, Frosch’s competitor was able to convince much more. Because here was hardly a spot after washing. It was different with the Presto stain remover! This was also able to remove most stains very reliably, but a few small soils remained.

The Frosch stain dwarf is available in a practical 3-pack. Particularly exciting for parents of small children: the center removes grass stains almost completely. Red wine, coffee and tomato sauce are also no problem.

Not so flawless, but the Presto delivered very satisfactorily! Stain remover. Particularly practical: you simply put it in the washing machine. It is not necessary to act in advance. A practical measuring spoon is included in each pack for dosing.


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