an extraordinary assembly to break the deadlock

an extraordinary assembly to break the deadlock

Serie A clubs are meeting this Friday to try to reach an agreement on the salary freeze and study the scenarios concerning the resumption of matches in the midst of a coronavirus-related health crisis.

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Serie A: an extraordinary assembly to break the deadlock

Serie A clubs will meet this Friday morning, for the first time at 10 am, by videoconference, to continue discussions on thorny questions of the calendar and wages in the midst of a health crisis linked to the coronavirus. The match that started between the Italian Football League and the Italian Footballers Association (AIC) should stretch further over time, probably until extra time or even a penalty shootout, both positions, with some exceptions close, divergent, according to the analysis made by Sportmediaset. The most tense subject on the agenda is wages.

Wages, an expected advance

Juventus Turin, for its part, has already found an internal solution. And other teams have followed suit by initiating discussions with their employees to find common ground. But the crux of the problem remains the resumption of the championship. Like what the players of Juventus Turin have proposed to their leaders, different options are on the table – including the salary freeze for four months – but none seems to gather the approval of the majority. The principle of a waiver of salary, which would be donated to the benefit of Serie B and C formations, was taken for granted the day before, ensures La Repubblica this Friday.

What scenario for the calendar?

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) could arbitrate the debates. It has already done so for the calendar, with an estimated recovery of May 20 or the first days of June, at best. This preliminary hypothesis put forward in recent days by President Gabriele Garvina will be discussed freely during the exchanges which will take place this weekend, have already warned the clubs. The evolution of the epidemic curve will, as always since the start of the health crisis, have a definite impact on the decisions that will be taken at the end of the work. Several Italian clubs are strongly opposed to a resumption of competition in the coming weeks.


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