an online petition for a 4th component to be born

an online petition for a 4th component to be born

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Visitors (TF1): an online petition for a 4th component to see the light of day

A fan of the Visitors saga (the first part of which is broadcast this evening on TF1), launched an online petition to encourage the production of a Visitors 4, which would close the story.

Tonight, Godefroy de Montmirail and his squire Jacquouille the scoundrel, return to TF1 at 9 p.m. No doubt the first channel will attract the greatest number of viewers with Visitors, huge hit in theaters in 1993 (13.7 million admissions in France) and sure value of ratings. Replayed at will for over 25 years, the fantastic comedy by Jean-Marie Poiré does not seem to tire the French, always happy to find the exasperated vociferations of Christian Clavier, the inimitable phrasing of the upper bourgeoisie of Valérie Lemercier, and the plethora of replicas that have become cult.

The plan for a new buried suite

Yes Visitors 2 – The corridors of time, had also gathered the crowds of theaters in 1998 (more than 8 million admissions), the third part, Visitors 3 – the Revolution (2016), has not had the same success. Descended by critics and a part of the public, the film gathered only 2.2 million spectators. A very disappointing figure, considering the high budget swallowed up by this kind of big production (more than 24 million euros). Since then, even if the end of this third opus remains open on a sequel, it is unlikely that Visitor 4 see the day.

A petition for a Visitors 4

Which is not to the taste of an absolute fan of the saga, a certain Nicolas Le Cam, who decided to launch a petition, available on and, so that a Visitor 4 arrives one day on the screens and comes to close once and for all this story of time travel. Directly addressed to Gaumont (historical producer of the saga) as well as to Ouille Production, Jean Reno and Christian Clavier (through their agents), this petition has collected only 323 signatures on the two platforms to date . Its author has also created a blog entirely devoted to the saga, called “The Visitors: the blog of the corridors of time”, in which he explains why he supports the project of a Visitors 4 and address a letter to Jean-Marie Poiré, Christian Clavier and la Gaumont. Do you support his approach? Your signature is expected…