Antonio Pavon, evacuated in ‘Survivientes 2020’ by the medical team after the last reward test

Antonio Pavón, evacuated in 'Survivientes 2020' by the medical team after the last reward test

The harshness of the ‘Survivors 2020’ reward tests is undeniable. In the last broadcast of ‘Conexion Honduras’, on Sunday March 29 in Telecinco with Jordi Gonzalez in front we witnessed it. Contestants such as Ana Maria Aldon, Albert Barranco or Fani Carbajo had to be attended by the reality show’s medical team. Dizziness, hand and arm pain, and problems resisting pressure were some of the problems survivors faced. All managed to overcome these difficulties, with the exception of Antonio Pavon, who had to be evacuated after being injured in carrying out said test.

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Antonio Pavon, in ‘Survivientes 2020’

Carlos Sobera gave the news this Tuesday, March 31 in the sixth installment of ‘No Man’s Land’ in Telecinco. The presenter connected with the inhabitants of ‘Playa Desvaliada to inform them that his partner was going to be under observation for a few days by the medical team. “He is being observed by the program’s doctors, he is being tested,” the presenter told the participants. In addition, the host of the reality TV debate wanted to make it clear that Pavon’s conditions these days ‘they are not getting better, they are in the same conditions, but they still cannot rejoin’.

Right after we could see precisely the moment in the one that the space doctor traveled to the place where the survivors live and asked him to accompany him. Pavon reacted very worried and despite the fact that his teammates tried to cheer him up by telling him that he was soon going to rejoin the competition, he could not help but feel worried as he does not want to have to leave ‘Survivors’ because of the pain he is suffering after completing the reward test. ‘You do not want to leave the contest under any circumstances’, Sobera said when resuming the connection with the participants of the reality show.

Ana Maria Aldon, very concerned

The presenter stated that Ana Maria Aldon was one of her most worried companions, something that she confirmed. ‘Yes, I was very worried, I want him to come back (…) and also I realized that it is a hernia, my husband and my son have had it and I realized it and that is why I worried, because they will not be able to make efforts in the program. And they may take him to Spain, but I wanted to give him the encouragement to tell him that he is going to stay‘she stated. In addition, all his colleagues, speaking to the camera and as if Pavon could hear them, made it clear that they want him to return, although “we do everything to him here, that he returns.”

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