Around 50 percent more corona deaths

Around 50 percent more corona deaths

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A resident wearing a mask against coronavirus walks past government propaganda poster featuring Tiananmen Gate in Wuhan in central Chinas Hubei province Thursday, April 16, 2020. (AP Photo / Ng Han Guan)

The Chinese city of Wuhan surprisingly corrected the number of corona deaths by around 50 percent. According to the authorities, another 1290 people have died as a result of Covid-19 lung disease.

This increases the total number of deaths in the central Chinese metropolis where the pandemic started, to 3896 deaths. To date, only 2579 deaths have been reported.

The nationwide total of 3342 deaths in China so far was initially not officially corrected on Friday, but should increase to more than 4,600. The new information confirms long-held assumptions that many cases were not included in the official Chinese statistics.

There were several reasons for the significant correction. This is how patients initially died at home. Hospitals were also overwhelmed and doctors and medical personnel were too busy with the rush of the infected, “which led to late, missing and wrong reports,” as the official news agency Xinhua reported.

Some medical facilities were not connected to the information network or did not report promptly. Reports of some deceased were also incomplete, Xinhua said. The authorities would have revised the available data to get a complete picture. The agency also quoted the “credibility of the government,” the agency quoted as an unnamed official.

China is said to be largely in control of the virus. The National Health Commission reported 26 new infections on Friday, including 15 “imported” cases of Sars-CoV-2 in travelers and 11 new local infections. According to this information, more than 82,000 people have been infected in China so far, of which around 78,000 have now recovered.

In the severely affected Wuhan alone, where the virus may have already broken out in November, 50,333 cases (plus 325) were listed in the now revised statistics.

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