at least 3 good reasons to fall for Netflix’s Brazilian SF

at least 3 good reasons to fall for Netflix's Brazilian SF

While its fourth and final season should not be too long to arrive on Netflix, the time has come to put the dystopian, atypical and very nice 3% series back in the spotlight.

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While its fourth and final season should not be too long to arrive on Netflix, the time has come to deliver the dystopian, atypical and very nice series 3% in the front of the scene.

In a context where the supply of series has never been so bloated, the Screen saver[s] intends to be your guide through the seasons. Whether it’s an old cult series today, a recent card or a more anonymous show, this column will help you waste your time only in good company.

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3% : Escape (Hunger) Games

If today the American Netflix has specially focused on foreign productions – which are now counted by the dozen on the platform, as the success seems to go – it is probably thanks to the success of the one of those who started the movement: 3%. In 2016, the service offered its very first Brazilian series, which was also the second offered in an original language other than English.

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A certain risk-taking for the streaming service therefore, especially since the selected show is atypical in many respects: science fiction, in Portuguese, mostly worn by young characters. Let’s face it, such a combination is not intended, a priori, for everyone. And yet, this dystopian series, inspired by a pilot episode dating from 2009 (always visible for the most curious), deserves the attention of all types of spectators.


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The plot of 3% is therefore taking place in Brazil, in a not really dated future where the vast majority of the population lives in extreme poverty. To give a few people a chance to escape the Continent – the name given to the place where the population crowds, in favelas – every year for over 100 years is organized “The Process”. Only young people aged 20 have the right to participate in this series of events, at the end of which only 3% of them will be selected to go and live on the Other Shore, a mythical island reputed to be luxurious and reserved for the elite.

Process and custom

The first season will thus follow several young participants in this test, which mixes psychology, logic, intelligence and resourcefulness, but also involves betrayals, opportunism and other human instincts often more focused on personal survival than on love of one’s neighbor. Against the background of social and societal criticism as assumed as cynical, but rather fair, 3% multiplies good ideas to hook the viewer to an engaging scenario and to truly singular and non-Manichean characters, grappling with a future that can be played in seconds.


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What would I have done in place of this character if I had been in the same situation? Is one of the questions you will probably ask yourself regularly in front of the series. The first season of 3% Indeed, he places his characters regularly and with talent in the face of difficult choices, asking disturbing questions that do not necessarily have the right answer. However, I prefer to say it right away: the following seasons are quite different.

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Without going into too much detail for the obvious concern of not spoiling the show, once season 1 is over, the series changes scale, and gains in richness of universe, in explanations and in scriptwriting complexity, what it unfortunately loses in overall originality, in rhythm or even in interest. Also, the first season is a real favorite and remains, in my opinion, by far the best. It is the only one that really captivated me from one end to the other without the slightest drop in attention during the episode.

One for all, three percent

I will still be in front of my television for the fourth (and officially last) season, as the world created in 3% is convincing and intriguing. With its characters evolving genuinely according to the trials, and the interesting and relevant issues that are raised over the three known seasons, the series is unlike any other. Despite a certain shortness of breath over time, the whole remains very refreshing, if not very pleasant, necessarily.

3% compensates for its few weaknesses with a real personality in terms of content and form ”

This freshness obviously comes in part from the fact that the series is worn in Portuguese, by young unknown actors. But his scenario, regularly surprising (despite some white threads that will be excused), is also to be welcomed, just as the clever touch of futuristic technological elements distilled in the middle of slums and people dressed in second-hand clothes. So yes, we realize at times that the budget is a little bit light, and it will be necessary to get used to the language in the original version, as with some musical choices or questionable framing (or daring, it depends) but nothing that really prevents you from appreciating a show that has a lot to say and that does it with accuracy, while enjoying a certain cachet.


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3% thus compensates for its few weaknesses with a real personality in terms of content and form. In a context where Netflix offers a lot of formatted shows that lack a lot of soul, I can only recommend this crossing which, I assure you, will be memorable.

This series is for you if:

– You are looking for SF that changes a little

– A show that is not for once in English, it inspires you

– You want a series with a definite end

This series is not for you if:

– A series in Portuguese that blocks you

– A depressing dystopian future is not the time

– A show at times a bit cheap and worn by a young cast bothers you

Netflix original series, the three seasons of 3% (respectively composed of 8, 10 and 8 episodes) are logically available on the platform. At the time of writing, the arrival date of 4th and final season is not yet known but the show should end in 2020 or 2021, at worst.

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