Athletes and the Covid-19: anxiety, distress and depression

Athletes and the Covid-19: anxiety, distress and depression

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Fifpro made a report in the wake of the quarantine.

He compulsory social isolation in times of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus it causes different effects in those who are forced to comply and in the case of soccer players, as in so many others, generates anxiety, anguish, loneliness and depression. This is warned by the international union that represents them, FifPro, after conducting a survey to determine the collateral damage to the running of the bulls which usually affects more athletes who play collective sports.

Athletes and the coronavirus: anxiety, distress and depression

© Provided by Ole
Athletes and the coronavirus: anxiety, distress and depression

The report, by the French doctor Vincent Gouttebarge, highlights that almost half of the interviewees who respond to these characteristics present these types of symptoms during quarantine. “There are differences between those who practice individual or group disciplines. Those who are used to being part of a team suffer this situation much more than the others.“explains the specialist.

The absence of partners and not being able to relate to the group often generates anxiety and depression, as happens in the cases of many players forced to stay home during the pandemic.“adds Monica Vaillant, a former member of the Italian water polo team and now a psychologist. The professional agrees that” athletes from collective disciplines usually train together and the shared goal is like their fuel. “

Also, too sudden a return to activity could lead to a stressful situation: “Exposing yourself again to the fans’ judgment, especially at the highest level, is not like turning a knob on or off. After weeks of doing a different activity than usual, the fear may arise of not feeling ready to resume a role not only sports, but as a public figure, “says Vaillant.


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