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Aulas, remedies “without legal basis”

Aulas believes less and less in the recovery…

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On March 17, Jean-Michel Aulas submits the idea, in the event of a halt to the season, to establish a cumulative ranking over the last three or five seasons.

President Aulas has raised the threat of legal recourse if OL is sidelined from the European scene next season. According to the law, any procedure would be in vain, according to lawyer Thierry Granturco. UEFA insisted on Thursday on the notion of “ sports merit To allocate the various continental accessits at the end of this 2019-2020 exercise, which has been suspended for the time being due to the threat of the coronavirus. This while ruling out the possibility of a white season. A postulate which is obviously not to please President Aulas, OL being ranked seventh in the championship, far from European places. The Rhone boss, however, striving to believe it by reacting on social networks to an article in Progress thus entitled: “The European Cup moves away for OL and Saint-Etienne”. ” Disagree with the title: OL with 10 games to return, the League Cup, the Champion’s League to qualify and all the legal decisions after! So what about these possible legal remedies? Does OL really have a chance to win a ticket to Europe through the courts? For lawyer Thierry Granturco, specialist in sports law registered with the bars of Paris and Brussels, the answer is clear … ” The norm is qualification through sports results. Today, we are in the exceptional case of a termination of the championship. President Aulas would like a method of calculation favorable to his club, which takes into account European indices, anticipation … Only, in this approach, there is not the beginning of the beginning of a legal text to allow him to ‘go forward. If his appeal is legal, he has no chance of succeeding!

The harsh legal reality

If Ligue 1 does not resume its course, the only parade for Lyon lies in a hypothetical arrangement with UEFA, which will certainly not lack solicitations while big fish such as Atlético de Madrid or Napoli are found in the same case as OL. ” With UEFA, which is a group in which there is constant pressure, OL and other powerful clubs in the same position may well be heard, notes Maître Granturco. I will not be surprised if UEFA changes its plans for next season to offer these clubs the opportunity to play Europe anyway. In summary, legally, the least recourse would be without foundation. It is certainly always necessary to keep an eye on the rules of football in themselves, rules which have a certain propensity to evolve according to the pressure games. But legal texts, which are not likely to influence like the labor code, are immutable and essential. Often, football breaks its teeth on this inflexibility of ordinary texts. We hear club presidents say they are going to do this or that, then they are dragged to court and come up against legal reality. Friday night on OL TV, Jean-Michel Aulas, certainly aware of this reality, was considering for the first time a 2020-2021 season without a European Cup. ” To govern is to plan, he breathes. If we are not European, we will take advantage of this to speed up the pace. This will be year 1 of the Juni plan. He had to integrate the function but it corresponds exactly to the idea we had. He has the knowledge, the mentality. We have the man who will make it possible to relaunch OL in the coming years.

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