bandanas around the nose for a walk with their dogs

bandanas around the nose for a walk with their dogs

Meghan Markle and Harry careful but stylish: bandanas around the nose for a walk with their dogs

Even in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, you can protect yourself without sacrificing anything in your looks. This is what Meghan Markle and Harry have proven by wearing a bandana on their faces while walking with their dogs on the streets of Los Angeles.

Meghan Markle and Harry have found a way of their own to combine style and protection in this period of coronavirus pandemic. This Friday, April 17, despite the confinement, the couple took a trip to the streets of Los Angeles to walk their beloved dogs. Casual looks, caps screwed on the head, the parents of little Archie made sure not to be noticed, but a detail of their outfits did not go unnoticed : the sky blue bandanas that both had tied on their faces.

After Prince Charles was infected, couple out of the question to ignore California guidelines, imposing to cover the face in public. The day before, Meghan Markle and Harry had also opted for the same solution during the voluntary distribution of meals to the most vulnerable people in the City of Angels. A big surprise to which Dan Tyrell, an Angelino who saw the Sussexes ringing at his door, was entitled to, armed with gloves, the famous bandana for Harry and a surgical mask for his wife.

This Friday, during this walk, Meghan Markle also had a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel. The proof that the actress of the series Suits, who works on his return to the movie sets, takes the precautionary measures against coronavirus very seriously. Accompanied by their private bodyguards, the Sussexes therefore safely enjoyed their ride, as a source from the Sun : “They walked for over an hour and when they came back, the dogs looked exhausted!”


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