banks plan to raise the ceiling to 50 euros

banks plan to raise the ceiling to 50 euros

Members of GIE bank cards should decide to increase the limit for contactless payment from 30 to 50 euros. Objective: adapt to the enthusiasm of the French for this payment method which avoids transmission of the coronavirus when paying for purchases.

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Consumers have preferred contactless payment since the coronavirus crisis. For fear of handling cash, withdrawals from distributors have dropped by 50% since the start of containment. And to avoid having to touch payment terminals, the French wish to favor contactless payment.

However, this method of payment has only increased by 5% since the start of confinement, according to Europe 1. The fault in the ceiling provided for this less secure form of payment. You cannot pay more than 30 euros with your bank card with contactless technology. However, with containment, the average racing baskets have increased significantly. According to INSEE, since the introduction of containment, the number of transactions has dropped by 27% but the average expenditure per purchase has increased by 48%. In hypermarkets, it went from 45 to 75 euros.

Several weeks for deployment

Higher expenses that French people cannot pay without contacting their card (no limit on contactless payment on smartphones). However, according to Europe 1, the GIE Cartes Bancaires which brings together all the major French banks should raise this ceiling in the coming days. It would no longer be 30 euros but 50 euros. Some banks are currently testing it to verify technical feasibility.

But it will not happen overnight. “The decision has not been officially taken and in any case the deployment will be counted in weeks rather the time of securing the process with all the actors, we are saying on the side of the GIE Cartes Bancaires. This requires a heavy and delicate IT industrialization and that cannot be done in haste without risking to destabilize a system which works well especially in the delicate context of this coronavirus. “

In other words, the change from a ceiling of 30 to 50 euros should not normally take place when the strict confinement rules are lifted. What would still be much faster than during the passage of the ceiling of 20 to 30 euros which was deployed in three years, the time to change the bank cards of all French and adapt the payment terminals. This time, the update would be automatic, at least that is what the banks want. Hence the need to check its feasibility.

Especially since in addition to this payment limit of 30 euros, other security ceilings are set by banking establishments such as a number of contactless payments authorized per day or per week or a maximum number of consecutive contactless payments . Beyond these limits, contactless payment is refused. The details of these thresholds are given in your credit card agreement. The balance of your payment without authorized contact is also indicated on the receipts. With each purchase, displaying your contactless payment balance on your sales receipt lets you know how much you can still spend.


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