Banksy, confined, paints his new work in his bathroom

Banksy, confined, paints his new work in his bathroom

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Banksy, the enigmatic street artist, is also confined and her new work has installed her in the bathroom of her own house, assaulted by her characteristic rats and with numerous references to the health crisis. “My wife can’t stand working from home,” jokes the artist about the work, which he has posted on his Instagram profile ( and on his website ( ).

In the published images you can see a group of rats distributed in a bathroom and engaged in different activities. While one paints sticks on a wall to mark the passing of days, another takes the bottle of soap from her hands and others play with toilet paper rolls or toothpaste.

The artist’s publication has received over 1.8 million likes in less than a day. His previous work, a girl with a slingshot, appeared on a Bristol street in mid-February, shortly before the containment measures.


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