Baptistao points the way

Baptistao points the way

© Wuhan Zall FC
Leo Baptistao, upon arrival in Wuhan.

Make 15 months that Leo Baptistao left Espanyol, in the 2019 winter market, heading for the Chinese adventure. Signed for the Wuhan Zall. Who would have thought that after a quiet first year, which even ended with absolute happiness for your marriage bond last December 14, the following three and a half months would be an odyssey that, yes, seems to have come to an end.

Brazilian striker arrived in Wuhan city this Saturday, the place where the COVID-19 pandemic originated, with the rest of its team, commanded by the Spanishl Jose Gonzalez. With inescapable face masks and keeping the safety distances, since the new normality has finally been established in the capital of Hubei province, after strict confinement was lifted. Now it is a matter of time, and of sanitary permits, that it begins the season in the Superliga, which from the federation place between June and July, once the footballers have passed two severe tests.

Even though Baptistao joined the preseason a little later, the Wuhan Zall had been wandering away from its headquarters since last January. With the first infections already underway, the team got down to work on January 2 in Guangzhou, more than a thousand kilometers away from his stadium. The January 29 he moved to Spain to make your longer stay in Sotogrande (Cadiz).

But what would be a few days, as Wuhan was already the epicenter of the global outbreak, ended up turning into a month and a half. But nothing of confinement, since in the free days the players could camp at ease. Baptistao, for example, took the opportunity to visit Vallecas on March 2.

Baptistao, upon arrival at Wuhan Station by bullet train from Foshán.

© Wuhan Zall FC
Baptistao, upon arrival at Wuhan Station by bullet train from Foshan.

With the arrival of the pandemic in Spain, the Wuhan Zall collected gear and fled the coronavirus again. This time, paradoxically, the safest destination would be China. And there they flew precisely on March 13, just a few hours before the Pedro Sanchez government decreed the state of alarm.

And, as established by the Chinese authorities to anyone who entered the country, Baptistao and his companions had to confine three weeks of quarantine. They did it in Shenzhen. The penultimate stop took place in Foshan, where they trained a few days before this Saturday, 104 days later, to take a bullet train to return to Wuhan.


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