Beckenbauer grandson Luca dreams of the Bundesliga

Beckenbauer grandson Luca dreams of the Bundesliga

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Lucas Grandpa – the Emperor of Football Germany!

There are certainly easier ways to get into the world of paid football than to carry around the oversized name of a world-famous family member. But this is exactly the burden that Luca Beckenbauer, Grandson of Franz Beckenbauer, has been imposed since his birth. But the 19-year-old doesn’t want to know anything about pressure. Rather, the teenager dreams of having his own traces in the future Bundesliga to leave.

There is still a long way to go. Luca Beckenbauer is currently under contract with the Bavarian regional league SV Heimstetten. For him, after taking the first steps in the youth teams of FC Bayern Munich, FC Schalke 04 and Hannover 96, an acceptable stopover on the way up: “I didn’t take a step back. I was playing in the regional league when I was 19, that is absolute OK.”

That’s why he hasn’t ticked off the dream to the top: “It is every footballer’s dream to play in the Bundesliga at some point. Whether that works is another matter. But I’ll try,” the defender says loud combative.

“You may have to be a bit better than others!”

Lucas’ role model is not so much his famous grandfather, but rather his father, who died early (Stephan Beckenbauer died in 2015 at the age of only 46). “I think of my father every day,” admits the Beckenbauer sprout. “It will always be that way. In the beginning it was more difficult than today, but it gets better with time. The good cohesion in our family helps a lot.”

As a permanent reminder of his progenitor, Luca wears his date of birth tattooed on his skin. The fact that Luca, who is very reflective for his age, can also benefit from the fact that he descends from one of the most famous footballers in history. “The name Beckenbauer is of course nothing unusual for me, because I am used to it from an early age. Of course, the name may open doors for you. But you are always compared and maybe have to be a bit better than other.”

With so much maturity at a young age, Luca can certainly be trusted, if not to match his grandfather’s bright career, but to fulfill his dream of a Bundesliga kicker at some point.


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