Bernard Blaquart does not believe in the dam

Bernard Blaquart does not believe in the dam

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Saved by the Bell?

At a time when the LFP decides the modalities of ascents and descents between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, Bernard Blaquart considers ” impossible “ holding a possible dam. This meeting between the 18the of Ligue 1, in this case his club of Nîmes, to the winner of the play-offs of Ligue 2, will probably not be able to take place while respecting the strategy of deconfinement detailed by the Prime Minister on Tuesday.

“There will certainly be very stormy meetings in the coming weeks, Blaquart announces to Provence Wednesday. It is up to those responsible to make the least unfair decisions possible. (…) I don’t see how there could be a dam, since the season is over, it’s impossible. We’re not going to train to just compete in a jump-off. “ The Crocos coach believes that his team, fifth in the return phase, has well deserved its maintenance: “We were thus on a positive dynamic which could have enabled us to claim to maintain. “

Not sure Ajaccio hears that.


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