Boobie Billie, the fashionista bitch who is going to unseat all the influencers of Instagram

Boobie Billie, the fashionista bitch who is going to unseat all the influencers of Instagram

© Edward Berthelot – Getty Images

Instagram It has become a paradise where you do not know what you will find. From manicures and makeup that look like authentic works of art, to challenges of everything you can imagine and influencers specialized in all possible subjects and of all kinds and each one more original. You just have to see Boobie Billie.

And no, it is not a makeup expert on the social network or a fashionista. Or rather yes, but not as you might imagine. And is that, Boobie is a bitch mix of italian greyhound and chihuahua, which is made a whole trendsetter.

And it is that as soon as a Chanel bag with a headscarf shows off as the street style How does he defend tie-dye and the sporty look, the animal print or the gingham painting, without leaving behind the logomania.

But it also does the same with transparencies, the bucket hat, the pearl handbags or the plush coats that have been in fashion for many winters for so long. And, of course, she dresses up on the most special occasions.

In many of her looks there is no lack of Rachel Green sunglasses, but above all, her star accessories are the (mini) bags of the most sought-after brands on the market.

In short, it has a more complete wardrobe than anyone could want. But the truth is that not only her full dressing room is what has given her 166,000 followers on Instagram. And is that his style can do nothing but set trends.

But not only fashionable understands Billie. She is also an expert in the world beauty and gives treatment lessons such as using a jade roller or the importance of a pampering time for ourselves.

It also takes care of sports of the moment, such as yoga, and its equipment does not lack detail, not without its mat, its bottle of water and its tote bag where everything can be stored.

The Instagram account of Boobie Billie It was created in July 2019, when it published the first photo. But the dog began to become really famous with her second publication: a photo of herself with a lilac padded anorak and the sports shoes of the moment, the Nike Cortez. This would be the first outfit of many that they would leave speechless but the one that would mark the beginning of their stellar career in social networks like trendsetter.


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