Boris Johnson asks the British for patience and maintains confinement

Boris Johnson asks the British for patience and maintains confinement

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The prime minister appears after three weeks recovering from the coronavirus.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in his first appearance after his discharge due to coronavirus, has warned of the dangers of easing confinement and has assured that the United Kingdom is still in a moment of “maximum risk”.

Johnson, who has spoken at the gates of Downing Street, his official residence in London, has indicated that the country is on the right track and that “we are about to change the curve.” However, he has also explained that he is not going to risk what has been achieved to save the economy. “I am eager to reignite the tremendous machinery of the British economy,” he said, but not putting the health system (NHS) at risk.

The prime minister was diagnosed with coronavirus a month ago, and ten days later he had to be admitted to the intensive care unit of a London hospital, where he remained for a week. After fifteen days recovering at Checkers, the official field residence, this morning he appeared pale-despite the good weather that has reigned in London in recent weeks-, with his hair much longer than usual and with his characteristic jovial tone to give speeches.

“We have to recognize that there is still a risk of a second wave of infections that will lead us to lose control of the virus and that its transmission rate will be above one again. It would not only mean new deaths and sick people, but an economic disaster that it would force us to re-brake the entire country and impose new restrictions that would cause greater and long-term damage, “he said.

The British Government is experiencing an intense debate before the division of opinions on whether or not it is appropriate for the country to return to normality. Johnson has aligned himself with Health Minister Matt Hancock, who argues that it is still too early to lift confinement. On the opposite side appear to be other heavyweights of the Executive, such as Interior Minister Priti Patel and Foreign Minister Dominic Raab.

Johnson has asked for patience to the British, who on the other hand live a much more bearable confinement than those suffered in countries like Italy and Spain. In the United Kingdom, citizens can go out once a day to play sports, walk or bike, in addition to being able to shop or care for vulnerable people.



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