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Recipes, exercises and puzzles for everyday corona life at home. Today: Training tips from Krisztina Toth

For Krisztina Toth, coordination is a double issue. As a trainer, she is responsible for the table tennis performance center in Munich, a federal base without its own hall. Every day, she has to organize the training of the team athletes at other clubs, here today, there tomorrow, somewhere else the day after tomorrow. Good coordination is of course also indispensable for your sport – that between hand and eye as well as that of the legs. Toth won seven European championship titles for Hungary, she was German team champion eight times, and she has just led the second women’s team of SV-DJK Kolbermoor into the second division – with 45 years and an 11-0 record.

She currently guides her students from afar. For the following exercises, you would ideally need a coordination ladder, a fitness device that looks like a rope ladder lying on the floor. Alternatively, you can use crepe or insulating tape or chalk to apply a series of eight to ten squares large enough to jump in, in the garden, in the garage, on the sidewalk.

Exercise one: One after the other the right foot is placed in the first box, then the left one, then the right one on the right outside next to the same box, then the left one next to it; then go to the next box in the same four steps, and so on. Bouncy steps on the forefoot are required, only one foot touches the ground. Everything slowly at first, once the exercise is understood, the pace is increased significantly.

Exercise two: This time, only three steps are required for each box: right foot in, then left foot in, then the right one to the right of the box; now first the left foot in the second rectangle, then the right, finally the left next to it. This time, the ladder is zigzagged right-left-right, left-right-left, etc. The same applies here: practice first, then accelerate. The upper body remains upright without wobbling back and forth, the eyes look forward rather than stubbornly to the ground. Three to five repetitions make sense for each exercise. And if you like it more challenging: All variants not only go forward, but also backwards.

Exercise three: Now you can hop on both legs. One or two boxes forward, one back. One, two forward, one back. Exercise four: Athletically almost without any challenge, the focus is solely on coordination, which is why Krisztina Toth recommends this variant especially for older people. The feet simply walk slowly through the boxes, right-left to the first, right-left to the second; in the meantime, the hands throw a small ball, such as a tennis ball, in a high arc: during the first double step from the left to the right hand, during the second from the left back to the right and so on. Similarly, one can of course think up all sorts of difficult tasks here.

Exercise five: Into the first field with your left foot, while lifting your knee or heel on the right; then with both legs to the left and right of the box. Now pull into the second field with your left foot, right knee / heel. It even took Toth a few days to internalize this sequence. If you want to see the exercises, the videos will be on the Facebook page from Tuesday, 5 p.m. SZ Sport Lokal under the title #Fiveoclock T to see.


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