Brazilian drug lord is extradited

Brazilian drug lord is extradited

The gangster boss Gilberto Aparecido dos Santos, who was arrested almost a week ago, was delivered from Mozambique to his home country of Brazil. He is considered one of the leading minds in the Brazilian cocaine trade.

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Maputo airport

The man with the code name “Fuminho” (smoker) is accused of trading in cocaine worldwide. According to the Brazilian police, Dos Santos was the “largest cocaine supplier” of the notorious criminal organization Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) from São Paulo.

It was handed over to the Brazilian police authorities on the basis of an international arrest warrant, the Mozambican Interior Ministry said in Maputo. Dos Santos was seen in handcuffs on the boarding of a Brazilian army plane in photos issued by the police to journalists.

Almost 20 years on the run from the police

Dos Santos was one of the most wanted criminals in Brazil before he was arrested last Monday in a joint operation by special forces from Mozambique, Brazil and the United States in the African country. According to the Maputo government, he came to Mozambique illegally in March. According to a police spokesman, he was in possession of 15 mobile phones, 100 grams of cannabis and three passports – including a fake Brazilian one – at the time of the arrest.

In 1999, Dos Santos escaped from a prison in São Paulo. He escaped abroad and is said to have monitored cocaine smuggling from Colombia, Peru and Bolivia to Brazil for years. According to experts, the São Paulo-based Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) cartel is the most powerful mafia organization in Brazil. It controls prisons, favelas and large parts of the drug and arms trade. Most recently, Dos Santos is said to have tried to expand the cartel’s drug business in Africa. The gang also supplied cocaine in large quantities to Europe.

PCC leader Marcos Willians Herbas Camacho, with whom “Fuminho” was temporarily detained, is serving a 200-year sentence in a maximum security prison in Brasilia. Dos Santos is said to have been involved in plans to free the PCC chief from prison. It would not have been the first attempt. At least two attempts at exemption had failed in previous years.

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