“By far the biggest decision of my life”


When and how should the US go back to normal? The question challenges Donald Trump, as the president said to journalists. An expert panel should now look for opportunities.


In the United States, more than 18,000 people have died from a Covid 19 infection, and almost seven million people registered as unemployed within a week. In the face of the corona crisis and its economic consequences, President Donald Trump has now spoken about when and how the country could return to normal. “It’s by far the biggest decision of my life,” Trump said at a press conference in the White House.

He would find her in coordination with “the smartest people”. “I want to be led,” said Trump, who otherwise likes to present himself as a doer and does not save with self-praise. “I hope with God that it will be the right decision.”

Trump announced that he would presumably present an expert panel on Tuesday to advise on the opening of the country. “I want your views on what you think,” said Trump. Part of the “Council for the Opening of Our Country”, as Trump called the working group, were cross-party experts from different parts of the country.

Trump continues to advocate quick opening

Trump again stressed that he wanted to open the country again as soon as possible – and pointed out the dangers of staying at home: This could also lead to death in the coronavirus crisis – “maybe another kind of death”.

On Thursday, he said he was “pretty sure we’re on top of the hill. And now we’re going down. In some cases, we’ve already started this process.” The White House Corona Coordinator, Deborah Birx, said, “We haven’t yet climbed.”

The population has taken the guidelines for restricting social contact very seriously, and this is having an effect, said Birx. In terms of population size, the coronavirus death rate in the United States is also lower than in many other countries. But efforts should not be allowed to subside.


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