City Council invests one million euros in works of eight schools to improve access and energy efficiency

City Council invests one million euros in works of eight schools to improve access and energy efficiency

The delegate Adela Castano at the ‘Tartessos’ school, in a file image

The works mainly concern improvements in energy efficiency and accessibility of the centers, as well as reforms of patios and toilets, it has reported in a statement.

“The objective is to start the works before the start of the next school year, although everything is subject to the processing period in this scenario, to the possible extensions of the state of alarm and to the health recommendations,” as explained by the delegate of Equality, Education , Citizen Participation and District Coordination, Adela Castano.

In the Infantile and Primary Education Centers (CEIP) ‘Argote de Molina and ‘Buenavista, and in the Adriano Infant School – located in the Northern District – existing luminaires will be replaced by others with more efficient technologies from the point of energy view. The joint budget amounts to 212,323.71 euros and is co-financed by the European Union. In this district, the CEIP ‘Pablo Ruiz Picasso will host works to adapt classrooms and toilets to a school canteen, with an amount of 121,989.50 euros.

With a planned investment of 241,957.63 euros, the CEIP ‘El Manantial’ project, which is located in the East-Alcosa-Torreblanca District, consists of improving its Primary Education yard. In that same district, the redevelopment of the CEIP ‘Jacaranda Children’s Playground will be undertaken, with a budget of 142,613.52.

The playground for primary school students of the CEIP ‘Adriano del Valle’, in the Cerro-Amate District, will also be subject to reform, with a budget of 196,195.64 euros. And, finally, the CEIP ‘Captain General Julio Coloma will have 137,515.58 euros of investment for works to improve accessibility and adaptation of the playground and library.

“Investment in schools is one of the priorities of this municipal government and, in the current context of economic and labor crisis derived from the Covid-19, it is more necessary than ever to boost economic activity and employment,” added Castano.


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