clubs want to end the season by June 30 at all costs, even if it means not playing every game

Premier League bans questions about epidemic and its consequences

The British press reports that several Premier League clubs are calling for the end of the season to take place by June 30, to avoid legal problems with player and sponsorship contracts due to expire on that date.

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With containment measures going on in European countries facing the coronavirus pandemic, most football players are thinking about extending their calendars in July and August to give themselves time to finish the 2019-2020 season. However, it seems that English clubs are not at all of this opinion. The Daily Mail and the Mirror report on Wednesday that the leaders of at least nine teams are pressuring the Premier League organizing body to end the championship by June 30.

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These clubs are said to be concerned about the management of contracts expiring on June 30. Despite FIFA’s recommendation to extend the agreements by a few weeks, the time to finish the competitions currently suspended, the players still have the possibility of not signing an amendment and therefore of refusing any extension. Their club would then be unable to have them play for any match scheduled from July 1. Ditto for players on loan, who would be forced to return to their original team.

A very tight schedule

The problem would be similar for commercial partnerships, with sponsors whose collaborations are also scheduled to end on June 30. The risk seems all the greater, given the economic instability that affects the world of football due to the cessation of competitions.

But to finish the season before June 30, keeping the current format of the championship, the Premier League would probably have to restart during the first weekends of May. An assumption badly embarked, the English clubs being always prohibited from collective training. However, according to the Mirror, leaders in favor of a conclusion by May 30 have a solution: reduce the season if it is impossible for the teams to play their remaining nine or ten games.

This idea could be on the agenda of the meeting scheduled for Friday, April 17 with several stakeholders in the Premier League. This would then be an opportunity to discuss the terms of such a formula, while guaranteeing Liverpool its a priori inevitable title of champion of England. An agreement should also be made with TV rights holders, if matches were to be missed.


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