Cologne mother exposes son lie, which would have become almost expensive

Cologne mother exposes son lie, which would have become almost expensive

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A 91-year-old from Cologne was to be ripped off, but that didn’t work. (Icon image)

The call could have been really expensive: A 91-year-old senior citizen from Cologne-Sülz answered a call on Wednesday morning that allegedly came from her son. In truth, the other end of the line was an unknown fraudster who wanted to make it easier for them financially.

Corona treatment: fraudsters ask Cologne for money

At around 11 a.m., the man had contacted the pensioner living on Sülzburgstrasse by phone and hypocritically pretended to be her son. “Mom, I have Corona,” he said, calculating that we urgently needed 60,000 euros in cash to be able to pay for the necessary remedy.

Brazen lies, which the 91-year-old should soon uncover. In the course of the conversation, she had become suspicious, hung up and immediately called her “real” son to make sure.

Corona treatment: Cologne woman (91) shows real smell after calling

Result: The “offspring” knew nothing, and immediately called the police after talking to his mother. Criminal Investigation Commissioner 25 has launched an investigation into the attempted fraud against the unknown.

A similar case occurred in Pulheim on Tuesday (April 28). The phone of a 78-year-old rang there at around 1 p.m. At the other end, her supposed grandchild reported, who wanted her to give her 30,000 euros for a necessary lung treatment in a hospital or, alternatively, gold stocks.

Corona treatment: Two further attempts at fraud known from Rhein-Erft-Kreis

The elderly woman stated that she did not have that much cash and that she only got in touch with her son, the father of the allegedly ill. The grandson then ended the conversation and the elderly woman informed the police.

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On Wednesday (April 29), a fraudster phoned an 80-year-old senior in Pulheim. He also claimed to be the woman’s grandson.

Fraud calls: Police warn against too much trust

He had caused a serious traffic accident and now urgently needs money. He then gave the sum of 12,000 euros, which he could pick up straight away, since he was already in Düsseldorf. But even in this case the lady showed the right nose and dialed the number of the police instead of the bank consultant.

The Cologne police and the Rhein-Erft-Kreis once again point out that they should not entrust any money to a stranger who claims to be a member of the family. Treatments in the hospital are largely covered by health insurance and never paid in cash. If cash or precious metal is required in such a case, a lie is almost certain. (tw)


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