Companies will have a moratorium on Social Security payment in April, but the self-employed will have to wait until May

Companies will have a moratorium on Social Security payment in April, but the self-employed will have to wait until May

The self-employed they will not be able to postpone their April quota even despite the coronavirus. This is what is revealed in the last general provision of the Official State Gazette (BOE), which details that the moratorium on quotas paid by self-employed workers to Social Security (SS) cannot be postponed until May. This will not be the case with companies, which will begin accruing this month.

The extension of rates, extendable up to half a year without interest, will, however, have two important nuances. The first is that it will be applied to the arrears from April to June for companies and from May to July for the self-employed; that is, that the self-employed will not be refunded the fees paid in March or April. The companies, on the other hand, will be able to request that moratorium for the quotas accrued this same month.

The second notable point of the BOE is that It is not yet known who will be allowed to enter the moratorium and who will not. Thus, the requirements to claim the postponement will be established by order of the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Jose Luis Escriva, which has not yet been published.

The self-employed who, due to the state of alarm, have to cease their activity or their turnover is reduced by at least 75% may ask for extra help. It is a “exceptional” benefit, which will last only one month or, in case the confinement lasts more than that time, until the last day, and that will count as a listed period. The extra will not be applied to these cases, nor to those of ERTE due to the coronavirus.

How to request moratoriums

To be able to access these deferrals must communicate during the first 10 days of the normal periods of admission. Once the petition has been issued, the extension will be known – or not – within a period maximum of three months, which is the time given to Social Security to respond to the request.

The only case in which the March fees will be included will be for those who are granted cessation of activity by the coronavirus; Those who have not paid the fee in that month may reimburse it without surcharges.

On the other hand, You can also postpone the payment of debts prior to entering between April and June with an interest of 0.5%. If you wish to access this aid, you must also communicate in the first 10 calendar days in which the deposit should be made.

Flexibility in basic supplies

The self-employed and companies may also temporarily suspend electricity contracts or modify them under current circumstances. The ban is opened to change the access tolls to the supply and adjust the hired potency at no cost, the same with natural gas, adapting to this unique situation.

In addition, and with immediate effect, the self-employed will be able to enter the social bonus. To do this, they will need to have ceased activity or have seen their income reduced by 75%. That is, the same conditions that can lead to the cessation of activity by coronavirus.

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