Corona extremists: “Punishment from God” or “Bio-weapon”

Corona extremists:

The corona crisis offers extremists of different stripes links to activism and conspiracy theories.

© Photo: Peter Endig / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa
A woman wears a niqab, a facial veil (illustration).

According to information from security circles, there are also groups in these milieus in Germany that fundamentally question the risk posed by the spread of the lung disease Covid-19 and those that urge their peers to warn of the health risks.

Among the German jihadists, for example, there is the theory that the disease is a “punishment from God”, which therefore affects above all “unbelievers”. The extensive washing of the hands of the Muslims before prayer and the wearing of the face veil by the women also offer sufficient protection. In Iraq, there are concerns that the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia could use the crisis to return to some cities from hiding in the desert.

Right-wing extremist groups in Germany, on the other hand, criticize the federal government for accusing it of not having sufficiently protected the Germans. At the same time, migrants are alleged to be carriers of the virus. According to security authorities, so-called imperial citizens also include anti-Semitic narratives and the theory that the corona virus is actually an organic weapon.

Posts on the so-called Q-conspiracy are currently also receiving a lot of attention in Germany, as the Amadeu Antonio Foundation has observed. This fictional story, which comes from the United States, says that powerful people kidnap children and torture and kill them in underground camps to gain an elixir of life that rejuvenates people.

Right rock concerts as a meeting for networking and financing the right-wing extremist scene can currently not take place because of the nationwide rules on contact restrictions. “However, there are now legal rock concerts that are streamed on the Internet,” said Stefan Lauer of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

According to information from security circles, there is widespread concern among left-wing extremists that the government can use the corona crisis to implement “repression measures” that could then be continued after the end of the pandemic.

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