Crisis land starts “Phase 2” – This is Italy’s exit plan

Crisis land starts

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Giuseppe Conte: “If you love Italy, keep your distance” Source: pa / NurPhoto / Ronchini

After seven weeks of lockdown, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has a roadmap for Relaxation of the corona restrictions presented: Once they have put in place security measures against the spread of viruses, production facilities, construction sites and wholesalers could go back into operation, said Conte on Sunday evening. From the May 4th should parks and gardens be reopened, burials would be allowed, and citizens could visit relatives in the same region.

If all goes well, retail stores, libraries, museums, and art exhibitions should be back on May 18 to open. Restaurants, bars and hairdressing salons should be on June 1st consequences.

Conte spoke of the beginning of the “Phase two“, Where the distance between social contacts still applies. “If you love Italy, keep your distance,” the La Repubblica newspaper quoted the head of government. It is absolutely important to behave responsibly – you should never approach and you have to keep a safe distance. At family reunions you have to wear masks and there shouldn’t be any celebrations.

If the citizens did not adhere to the guidelines, “the curve of the contagion can rise again, it will get out of control, the death toll will climb and the damage (for the economy) will not be repairable”.

Mayors can set limits for parks and limit the number of admissions, for example, to prevent mass accumulations. Individual training athletes are allowed from May 4th start training again, training in the professional soccer league Serie A started from the May 18 in prospect.

Italy plans new debt of 55 billion euros

Italy has registered more than 26,600 corona deaths since February. In total, civil defense counted almost 200,000 people who had been officially infected with the Sars CoV-2 pathogen. Experts also assume that the number of unreported cases is very high. After weeks of steep increases in numbers, there were many positive signals over a longer period. The situation in the long overcrowded hospitals is relaxing.

“We cannot extend the lockdown any further. We are otherwise at risk of severe damage in the social and economic area, ”Conte had previously said in an interview with the newspaper“ La Repubblica ”. And he had announced that the 60 million citizens would not get back their full freedom of movement from May 4. Italy’s schools will remain closed until the summer holidays, the head of government said. They only reopen in September.

In order to get the economy going again, the EU country has already launched several large billions of packages, some of which are in preparation. The government announced last Friday that it was planning an additional new debt of 55 billion euros. This would increase the budget deficit in 2020 to a total of 10.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

All over Italy, people have rarely been allowed to leave their homes. Longer distances are only allowed for shopping or if you absolutely have to go to work or to the doctor. Everyone has to explain the reason for their exit on a form that can be printed out. Otherwise, you may face fines. Many do home offices. Schools, universities and kindergartens are also closed. Many therefore complained about the stress caused by the confinement at home after the weeks of standstill.


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