Criticism of Belen Cuesta and ‘La Casa de Papel’ for the character she plays

Criticism of Belén Cuesta and 'La Casa de Papel' for the character she plays

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Belen Cuesta, as Julia in ‘La Casa de Papel’

Since the third season of ‘La Casa de Papel’ ended, many viewers have been wondering who Belen Cuesta would be in the series, since until now he had only appeared as a helper being one more hostage. Once a quarter of this fiction has started, it has finally been discovered who he is: he plays Julia, a person from the past of Denver and Moscow who is part of the gang and is infiltrated to control the group of hostages as if it were one more.

However, in the series they played clueless showing us Julia on the one hand in the present and Denver talking about Juanito in the past, solving everything with that Julia is a trans woman and they talked about the same person. With all the debate that is taking place regarding whether cis performers should give life to trans characters, social networks have been filled with criticism of the series in general and the actress in particular for giving life to Julia. Although many have appreciated that visibility, many consider it a tremendous mistake.

We have recently seen the case of Paco Leon being Maria Jose in ‘La casa de las flores’; a chapter of ‘Paquita Salas’ (where Belen Cuesta is the protagonist) gave us a lesson why trans characters should only be played by trans actors and actresses; the premiere of ‘Veneno is enhancing that visibility; and the Javis, in an interview, stated: “When a trans actor or actress has access to cis characters, the cis will be able to play the roles they want.” But we have not yet reached this point.

Belen Cuesta is justified

The actress spoke to FormulaTV about the character of Julia and says that before accepting it they talked a lot about what it would be like and how they wanted to tell it, and she considers that ‘anything that is talking about this and giving visibility seems positive to me’. Belen Cuesta reflects on this matter and supports that ‘the fight must be that transgender actors and actresses have access to roles of all kinds and not just trans characters. Of course I am in favor, I defend it and I fight because they have the same options.

In addition, this debate that is being generated now regarding her playing the transsexual character, she was already expecting it and explains why she believes that accepting the role of Julia is positive for the fight: ‘I understand the debate that is generated but I have accepted Julias character because She is a trans woman and I am cis, but in the end what I am interpreting is a woman and it is what we have to go to, to remove labels instead of continuing to put ‘.

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