Cuomo sees New York at Corona climax

Cuomo sees New York at Corona climax

New York. Hundreds of people infected with the corona virus die in New York every day – so that apparently drastic measures are now being taken to deal with the corpses. Governor Cuomo meanwhile gives hope – but does not give the all-clear.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sees light at the end of the tunnel for the state that has been hit particularly hard by the corona virus. Although the number of people who died in the pandemic in New York rose by 599 compared to the previous day to 4,758, this was in the range of previous days, Cuomo said at his daily press conference on Monday. In addition, the number of new patients coming to hospitals has dropped significantly, as has the number of intubated people on breathing apparatus. The number of those who tested positive for Covid-19 is now more than 130,000.

Because of the many deaths in New York, the metropolis is apparently even considering burying corpses temporarily in city parks. The council’s health committee chairman, Mark Levine, wrote on Twitter on Monday that the city’s mortuaries and cemeteries faced a situation such as that of “ongoing September 11th.” If necessary, one would start with “temporary burials”. This will likely be done using a New York park (yes, you read that correctly), ”Levine wrote.

This would be done with dignity, orderly and temporarily. “But it will be difficult for the New Yorkers to endure,” he added. Nevertheless, this measure could be necessary to prevent pictures like from Italy, which in the meantime could not cope with the number of deaths.

When asked about the possible plans, Governor Cuomo said he had never heard of people being buried in parks. Mayor Bill de Blasio also made it clear on Monday that there were no such plans and that such rumors were “completely wrong”. “There will never be anything like ‘mass graves’ in New York City,” said de Blasio. Mark Levine, who had caused the confusion with a series of tweets on Monday morning, later tweeted “there will be * no * funerals in the parks of NYC”.

Cuomo warned the New Yorkers against the prospect of numbers becoming sluggish and underestimating the virus. “It’s not the time to play Frisbee with your friend in the park.” The closure of all non-“vital” shops and schools had Cuomo extended until the end of April. He emphasized that the health system was “at its capacity limit”, and that it would remain so in the coming days. It could also be that the numbers will rise again. Above all, the situation is a heavy burden for medical personnel who are under intense pressure.

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