Degenkolb in the corona crisis with concerns about the future

Degenkolb in the corona crisis with concerns about the future

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Cycling: John Degenkolb expects the worst

John Degenkolb sees deep problems facing cycling due to the corona crisis. “Of course, one expects the worst in such a situation,” said the former winner of Paris-Roubaix Der Spiegel: “The worst-case scenario would be that many teams close because they no longer have the money from the sponsors.”

He was therefore “really worried. I am concerned with the topic around the clock, and I am not the only one. I am concerned about how things will go with me personally in sports.” Team closures would “have too many drivers available for just a few seats.” This would reduce the potential revenue for every driver.

The increasingly likely cancellation of the Tour de France would exacerbate these problems. “Unfortunately, at the moment God’s chances are not so good. You have to honestly acknowledge that,” said the 31-year-old to a scheduled event: “But everything is still conceivable. You have to see how the next few weeks develop.”

In view of the precarious situation, Degenkolb could even make friends with a tour of France without a spectator: “I am not averse because I see the importance of keeping cycling alive as it has been so far,” said the Geraer: “If that the price is to keep the business going, I’m willing to do it. If I have to, I’ll be driving the Tour de France not just three but five weeks. ”


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