Denis Le Saint calls for the end of the Ligue 1 season

Denis Le Saint calls for the end of the Ligue 1 season

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Divine outing.

For Brest president Denis Le Saint, the current health situation in France is too serious to consider resuming matches this season. “Health is an essential factor that must lead us to make strong decisions. Football is not the priority today. It is a hobby ”, asserts the Breton leader in remarks reported by The team Friday. Which evokes the insipidity of continuing the meetings behind closed doors: “They (the supporters) do not have the slightest desire to enter a stadium, and matches behind closed doors do not make anyone dream. (…) Football is something that we share with others. “

For him, there is only one possible outcome with regard to health issues: “The championship must stop. The season cannot resume. (…) The financial is one thing, but health is much more important. (…) I have too much respect for my players and my staff to put them at risk. “

And it doesn’t matter if it results in disastrous financial losses: “You can’t talk about money in football when people lose their lives, it’s indecent. We cannot want to continue at any cost. If some people want to resume, this is a serious mistake. The image of football should not be spoiled. We would pay dearly for it. The season is over ”, he decides.

The wisest words are often the hardest to accept.

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