DFL media partner: Eurosport refuses to pay

DFL media partner: Eurosport refuses to pay

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German Football League General Assembly

The financial future of the 36 professional clubs has been secured for the time being: the media partners of the DFL have agreed to pay the last installment early. All but one!

DFL boss Christian actually had On Thursday happy customer for the 36 clubs from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga: The German Football League has reached an agreement with all media partners on the early payment of the last installment of the rights costs. Different models were agreed with Sky, ARD, ZDF, Amazon and DAZN.

Eurosport refuses to pay DFL

But a media partner gets in the way! Eurosport is after picture-Information not ready to transfer the last installment to the DFL. It is said to be 30 million euros. Even if that Bundesliga Should the station start operating again, the broadcaster does not want to pay the money.

Prior to the current season, Eurosport had sold its sublicense to streaming provider DAZN. This includes a total of 45 games – 40 Bundesliga games on Friday, Sunday and Monday, as well as the four relegation games and the Supercup. DAZN donated 40 million euros for this – since Eurosport originally paid 70 million euros for the license, the broadcaster itself has to pay for the difference.

Lucien Favre

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Lucien Favre

Eurosport parent company Discovery in financial difficulties

The reason for the refused payment is apparently their own financial problems. Parent company Discovery had already taken out a loan of EUR 500 million. Discovery had secured the rights to the upcoming four Olympic Games (2018 to 2024) in 50 European countries for 1.3 billion euros in 2015. Since the Olympics will be postponed by one year, there will be no income from marketing.

Because of the difficulties of Discovery, DAZN is still hesitant to transfer the last installment to Eurosport, as it is feared that the money will not be passed on to the DFL.


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