Diego Maradonas innovative plan to help footballers who receive less during the coronavirus crisis

Diego Maradona's innovative plan to help footballers who receive less during the coronavirus crisis

Maradona applauded Boca for his championship (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian)

“The economy of the clubs is very difficult to sustain, soccer has only one income, television rights. Sponsors cannot fulfill their obligations, it will be very difficult to get out of this. We need the capacity and solidarity of all leaders to see how we get out of this situation. ”

The words of Claudio Tapia, president of the AFA, offered a complete picture. For Argentine soccer, the coronavirus crisis is also economic. Without activity and without a date to return to action (by decree of the national government, the mandatory quarantine extends until next April 12 inclusive); Although the companies that have the Superliga TV rights confirmed the payment of the fee for the month of April, some clubs have already begun to suggest the possibility of a reduction in the salaries of the players, such as the cases of Juan Sebastian Veron in Estudiantes or Victor Blanco in Racing.

In this context, there was also a particular round trip between Carlos Tevez and some of his colleagues from the Ascent, with less succulent income. “Any player can live six months or a year without payment or with the minimum salary. It does not compare with people who live daily, who have to leave at 6 in the morning and return at 7 in the afternoon to eat the next day. We have to be, help, go to the dining rooms, “said the Boca captain, while other players came out to the crossing. One of them was Luis Salmeron, Los Andes forward: “That they warn Tevez that there are players on the rise who live day by day with salaries. And that we are a couple of months without charging. And many have the same concern as any worker who, if he does not get paid, finds it difficult to live, ”he wrote on his Twitter account.

Well, from her social isolation in her Bella Vista home, Diego Maradona worried about the situation of the most vulnerable players. The boys of the first contract, the ones who play in the Promotion. This morning he had an extensive conversation with Sergio Marchi, head of the Argentinian Association Footballers and promised to give him a hand and become a link with the clubs to generate a bridge for dialogue and explain each context.

“The players are the ones that generate, the world of soccer moves for us, otherwise it would be an empty merry-go-round, and nobody would look at it. Many kids broke, they were left without a handle and yet they kept putting their faces for the clubs. Today is the time for them to have the support they deserve and for the clubs to guarantee their wages, “Maradona told Infobae.

The current gymnastics and fencing coach La Plata also understands the loss of income of the institutions due to the unprecedented situation imposed by COVI-19. Before the panorama, he used his plan: “Not all situations are the same. That is why the example of Germany is very good. Players who were lucky enough to win a lot of money in their entire career, today should build a common fund to help the kids of the ascentsor. For our part, I am willing to meet with fellow coaches to assist the climb technicians. This is done in solidarity because sometimes we all get a first salary and we know what that means. ”

In the Bundesliga, the idea was revolutionary: Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig were avant-garde and decided to donate 20 million euros to assist the rest of the 32 clubs that make up the structure of the German competition. Diego not only proposes that the leaders make their contribution. It also invites players with more extensive experience and a bank account with more oxygen.

“I am to death with Turco Marchi. Many hit him but he’s the guy who always puts his face up for the players. I promised to work hand in hand with him. I never left the players in a band and I’m not going to do it now, ”added the 59-year-old star.

“There are some who are now playing stupid and want to take advantage of this moment to avoid paying and they have come with quilombos for years. It seems they always had a pandemic in their clubs. So now don’t look for excuses because the players have to charge to eat. There are players who may not charge a time, it is true and we know it. But There are players who cannot not charge even a month and those clubs have to pay them. Let them find a way. With everyone’s help, but they have to charge“, Was the conclusive Diez, which already motorizes his idea, sharing it with different players in the world of football.


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