Diego ruins Mory’s annoying presentation

Diego ruins Mory's annoying presentation

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VIDEO Top Chef 2020: Diego ruins Mory’s annoying presentation

Wednesday, April 8 during the eighth episode of Top Chef, Diego wanted to create an explosive dressage to win the event … but spread a little over that of Mory, who did not like it.

Aerobatic challenge for candidates of Top chef still in the running this Wednesday. They had to do an exceptional training for the chef Jacques Maximin, best worker in France for forty years, considered “an encyclopedia of French cuisine“, and who by the way invented the strapping training. A gastronomic juggernaut who would not let anything go by, but who would also praise original training attempts. For this event, no team, no color, it’s everyone for themselves. Diego has therefore tried to stand out from its competitors by offering the most original training: a real explosion, not flavors, but sauce.

A look that speaks volumes

The idea of ​​my training is to make a very clean round and just come to burst it“explains Diego before repeatedly hit his tomato sauce with the back of a spoon for a real explosion … a little too tasty Mory, the former protege of Thierry Marx. The candidate placed right next to him pointed out to him that the sauce had spurted to his own dressing, ruined. “Diego pu *** n, oh Diego!“throws his competitor to him several times before giving him a slightly annoyed look. Diegos preparation in any case greatly pleased Michel Sarran, his brigade chief, who spoke of a “exploded plate full of madness“Even Jacques Maximin was completely won over by Diegos daring dressage, sending him straight to next week’s episode. Dared!