Disabled steals – Bonn police chase unscrupulous thief

Disabled steals - Bonn police chase unscrupulous thief

© picture alliance / dpa (symbolic picture)
The Bonn police are investigating in Rheinbach.

How mean is that? On the night of Friday, an unknown perpetrator stole a tricycle from Dr.’s garage on MOrikeweg Dawo children’s home stolen. Children and adolescents with increased care needs live in the home.

The special therapy bike had been bought for adolescents. This is how the wheel is described:

  • Manufacturer van Raam
  • Color green-silver
  • suspension seat post
  • Basket on the luggage rack

Bonn tricycle

© Police Bonn
Bonn tricycle

At the place where the therapy bike was previously, the police instead found a men’s bike of the Herkules brand. It is quite possible that the perpetrator left it there.

The Bonn police investigate and asks: Who has seen the stolen tricycle since Friday night? Who can give clues to the thief? Please contact the Rheinbach Guard at 0228/150.

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