Do students get discounts on their public transport tickets?

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Schoolchildren, lecturers or students who have a TopTicket or a study card will not get a discount on the ticket price for the time being, although the public transport can currently not be used as usual. A solution is being worked on.

Since March 16, you can use public transport in Graz for free. The reason, how should it be otherwise, is the coronavirus pandemic and the associated exit restrictions. Half-yearly and annual card holders get a ten percent discount – everyone You can find details on this here. Pupils, teachers or students who are currently not included in this goodwill solution TopTicket or one Study card have. Although they too could not use the public transport, or only to a limited extent, or they have been free since mid-March.

Jan Stering, Chairman of JUNOS in Styria and member of the ÖH University Graz Presidency Team, says in conversation with Futter: “The response to this topic was tremendous for us at the ÖH. Many students have lost their jobs and have little income anyway. ” For this reason, the ÖH has contacted the responsible regional council Anton Lang and turned the bond line. And it seems that a refund or a goodwill solution is also within reach for young people and students. “Something should come”says Stering. Anton Lang’s spokesman, Rene Kronsteiner, confirms that the conversations are not going badly, on request from Futter. A solution is being worked on and should be presented in the coming days.

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#goodnews for Graz public transport drivers! 🚋😊 Half and all-season card holders receive a ten percent discount on the purchase of the next annual card. This is intended to partially compensate for the restrictions of the past few weeks. . . . # öffi # public transport #year ticket # half-year ticket # tram #bus #stadtgraz @stadtgraz @holding_graz #holdinggraz #goodnews #gutenmessage #futter #fttr #kleinezeitung @kleinezeitung #austria #igersaustria #instaaustria #igersgraz #instagraz #igersklyria # #steiermark # kärnten # discoverunder10k A post shared by Futter (@fttrat) on Apr 16, 2020 at 5:00 am PDT

30 percent discount and refund

At the community level wants Niko Swatek (Neos) in the municipal council meeting on Thursday at the city council Günther Riegler make an inquiry on this topic. That is, whether the latter and the city of Graz are willing to work for an appropriate Corona public transport ticket for goodwill for schoolchildren, apprentices and students. When asked by Futter, Riegler spokesman Georg-Schröck-Weikhard said: “We are trying to find a uniform solution together with the transport association.” Schröck-Weikhard cannot yet say how much the discount or discount will be. The exact figure is a matter of negotiation.

Swatek demands: “A 30 percent public transport ticket discount for the next purchase of a season ticket for schoolchildren, apprentices and students is the least the young population is entitled to. You should be able to return the four-month study ticket entirely. ” But why 30 percent, when the existing goodwill solution provides for ten percent? Because the period in which the TopTicket could not be used accounts for around a third of the “ticket time” purchased, explains Swatek. In the case of a study card that was bought at the beginning of the semester at the beginning of March, there should be the possibility of a refund, since this could not be used for almost half of the time acquired.

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