Do you know what was the first hybrid car to arrive in Europe?

Do you know what was the first hybrid car to arrive in Europe?

The year was 1988 when Sling decided to bet on electric vehicles and although the question we ask you is about hybrid cars, both are closely related. At that time, the Japanese brand began to be aware that in order to reach the first, an intermediate step had to be sought. AND This is how the first hybrid came to Europe.

32 years ago the development of Honda EV Plus, or what is the same: your first electric. This process lasted over nine years and its commercialization was a reality between 1997 to 1999 in a leasing format. However, at that time electric cars were something very few drivers considered and therefore, Honda had launched a side project.

It was a solution that brought together the best of an electric and the best of a vehicle with a combustion engine. Indeed, we are talking about hybrid cars. A technology that Honda has opted for in Europe since there are no options in the Old Continent pluggable as we can find in the United States or Japan. A system that over time has lit three hybrid systems: the SH-AWD, the I-DCD (Intelligent Dual-Clutch Drive) and the I-MMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive), which use the Honda CR-V and the Honda Jazz.

The Honda Insight

To reach 2020, Honda has traveled a path that started the same year that the EV Plus disappeared. It was then that he introduced the Honda Hybrid VV Concept, a model that was equipped with an integrated electric motor. IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) that complemented the combustion engine. A car that hinted at the final production version of the first hybrid vehicle to arrive in Europe: the Honda Insight.

This milestone was shared by the Old Continent and by the United States as it went on sale in both markets in 1999. The Honda Insight boasted a body. coupe two-door that hid a 1.0-liter three-cylinder that had the help of an electric motor for starting and accelerations. It could be combined with a CVT automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission.

Turn for the Civic

The Honda Insight wrote the first pages of the brand in the world of hybridization. The following chapters feature one of their models More popular. The hybrid version of Honda Civic It arrived in 2002 with IMA technology, which evolved over the years until it landed in Europe in 2006. It did so with a double spark plug engine and one cylinder more than that of the Insight, which managed to increase the displacement to 1.3 liters. The electric increased its power from the Insight’s 10 kW to 15 kW and consequently the combined power reached 115 horsepower.

The sports can also be hybrids

Three years later, in 2009, hybridization saw the reinvention of the Honda Insight in its second generation to become one of the brand’s hybrid sedans in Europe. And in 2010, the Honda CR-Z: a small sports coupe that maintained IMA hybridization, but had a larger displacement (1.5) and an electric motor that went from 10 to 15 kW to achieve a combined power of 124 hp.

All these models with hybrid versions were joined by the Honda Jazz in its second generation and the iconic Honda NSX. And it is that the Japanese brand wanted to demonstrate that this type of technology was suitable for any model and for this it managed to combine in this sports a 3.5 V6 with an electric motor that moved the rear wheels and two others located on the front axle. Honda’s history and hybrid technology wrote a new chapter, but not the last.


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