Does she collect a million for TV interview?

Does she collect a million for TV interview?

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Duchess Meghan

British media report that Duchess Meghan could soon appear on US TV and talk about Megxit. For this, Prince Harry’s wife is said to receive the proud sum of one million US dollars.

The whole world is waiting for Duchess Meghan, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, to comment on what led them to give up their role as senior royals and turn their backs on Britain. If you believe British media, the former actress could talk about this very soon – on US TV!

Will Duchess Meghan describe her view of things soon?

Meghan has had a lot of criticism over the past few months, many blaming her for the fact that Harry not only turned his back on Britain, but also his family. But how was it really? What led to the Megxit? “Daily Star” writes that Meghan could soon tell all of this in a TV interview. It should also be clear who will conduct the interview: Oprah Winfrey, 66. The US talkmaster is considered a close friend of Meghan’s and has worked with Harry in the past. In addition, the 66-year-old had unconditionally backed the couple and their decision to leave the royal family from the start. So it could well be in her interest that Meghan gets a chance to describe her view of things.

Meghan feels unpopular

The reason for Meghan’s decision to share her story with the public is that the former “suite” actress no longer feels liked by the public. It is her deepest wish to “win the public back”, the source of the “Daily Star” wants to know.

Insights into your home in Los Angeles?

The TV interview is said to be broadcast worldwide, as it is of global interest. Harry is also seriously considering this at the moment. Not only does Meghan want to describe her view of things in the interview, she also wants to give the world an insight into her private life. The 38-year-old wants to show the inside of her house, that would make the interview more intimate, she knows. Conducting interviews in a domestic atmosphere is a common practice in US television interviews. Meghan wants to hold the interview in the style of Princess Dianas conversation with Martin Bashir.

One million for TV talk

Duchess Meghan should receive one million euros for the interview. She already has concrete plans for the money. According to “”, she doesn’t want to keep it to herself, rather she should let it go to charity. The American could donate it to the British NHS (National Health Service) to fight the corona pandemic.

Source used: Daily Star, Express

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