Does your cat enjoy your company at home in quarantine?

Does your cat enjoy your company at home in quarantine?

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Cats are independent animals that can feel invaded by human presence for 24 hours.

In these days when you find yourself day and night next to your catYou have practically become a invader of your space and although surely enjoy your company very much, you will notice some changes in your behavior that will help you identify your mood and help you adapt to circumstances that we are living for COVID-29.

Pay attention to some signs of your kitty to be able to help him, if his tail is down or retracted maybe be stressed and his mood be hostileyes react quickly Y retires when you try to caress it, if he runs away from you constantly Y if you find your own space at a considerable distance or growls at you Or simply is not receptive to your company, it is time to take action on the matter, according to Cosmopolitan.

He master must make sure that him cat have food, water, clean litter box and special toys, so that he can find in these a time for himself. Also you can do some activities for what your cat get used to little by little to you home presence.

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Photo: Shanon / Pixabay. Some activities can help your cat adapt to the current circumstances of life through quarantine.

It’s of vital importance help the feline to keep your agility placing varied food on different levels such as above a shelf, on the edge of a window or on a high cabinet. Spend time looking for him to play and keep him entertained with toys and scrapersIf he doesn’t get close to you, take his favorite toy and call him.

If you cat has a natural need to hide to feel safe and reduce your stress levels, cardboard boxes they are a great ally, you can do houses that have a door from where I can enter and exit without any problem, after place them in different places to make him feel comfortable.

The famous water sources they aim hydrate your cat in a fun wayThis way, he stays entertained and drinks water constantly. Moist food like envelopes also help with this function in addition to nourishing.



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