Dolphins attempted to meet Tua before the NFL banned him

Dolphins attempted to meet Tua before the NFL banned him

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The team would have been quick to set up the interview with the quarterback, but it could not happen before the NFL canceled visits to the prospects.

On March 13 of this year the office of the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, announced that the cancellation of the league’s Annual Gathering and also banned visits between college prospects for the Draft and teams due to the pandemic by coronavirus.

The night before, on March 12, the Dolphins sped up planning their encounter with Tua Tagovailoa in Miami, but although both parties tried to make the meeting concrete this did not happen, reported Adam Schefter of ESPN. However, it was Tua the first prospect that the Dolphins attempted to bring to their facilities to conduct the appropriate exams and activities prior to the draw.

Team doctors last saw the former Alabama quarterback duringl Scouting Combine, in which he did not participate because in the medical indication after the operation of his hip, it was prescribed to resume sports activity after the event.

Likewise, before the visits between players and teams were canceled, the Dolphins were one of the teams to cancel the transfers of their recruits also as a precautionary measure by the health contingency. One of the last prospects to visit the Miami facility was the former Ohio State broker, J.K. DobbinsThe athlete changed his residence to South Florida for his pre-NFL Draft training.

Your health is concerned

In the next recruitment, Tagovailoa is one of the most talented players, analysts have explained, but the state of his health is something that worries to many teams, primarily the Dolphins, who were expected to take fifth overall.

Comparison with Herbert

Meanwhile, the fact that Chris Grier, general manager of the Dolphins, has equated and put on the same pedestal Tagovailoa and Oregon graduate passer-by, Justin Herbert, some experts argue, it may be a twist on the Miami narrative of his intentions for the Draft.

“[Tagovailoa y Herbert son] very interesting, I have had the opportunity to meet them both during the process. They really are good people. They are both very talented. They have both won many games and are smart and winners. “Grier said.

Miami is the team with the most selections in the draw with 14 and the one that will choose the most times in the first round, with three picks.


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