DSDS candidate is the new Bachelorette!

DSDS candidate is the new Bachelorette!

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Dieter Bohlen

This year too, the format “Bachelorette” everywhere again roses diligently distributed. From whom? All of a former DSDS candidate is looking for Mr. Right in Switzerland in front of the camera. Fought in 2017Chanelle Wyrsch on TV for the title “Germany is looking for the superstar”, convinced Dieter Bohlen and his co-judges even made it into the fourth live show. In the end, however, won Alphonso Williams.

DSDS: Chanelle Wyrsch becomes new Bachelorette!

Now she casts the suitable candidate herself, but in matters of the heart instead of in the music industry. On Instagram, Chanelle Wyrsch made her job as Switzerland’s new “Bachelorette” public for the first time: “It is finally official, from […] April 6th I will […] hand out my first roses. Be curious to see which man I will give my heart to. “If she would definitely NOT choose, the 23-year-old already makes it clear in the advertising clip: She is not a Barbie, so she is not looking for a Ken either.

A post shared by Chanelle Bachelorette🌹 (@chanelleofficial_) on Apr 18, 2020 at 3:25 pm PDT

By the way, during her time at DSDS there were always rumors that the sparks were brimming between her and participant Alexander Jahnke. The two did not want to confirm anything. Let’s see if it works on “Bachelorette” in such a way that we viewers will also notice it!


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