DTM does not cancel Norisring and Zolder

DTM does not cancel Norisring and Zolder

The ITR and the MCN are fighting for the classic at the Norisring

In both Germany and Belgium, major events due to the coronavirus pandemic are prohibited until August 31. Nevertheless, the DTM umbrella organization ITR does not cancel the races affected at the Norisring (July 11th and 12th) and in Zolder (August 8th and 9th).

“We are currently reviewing whether and to what extent new event bans in Germany and other countries could influence our planned DTM races and are also in constant communication with our local event partners,” said an ITR spokesman on request from ‘Motorsport-Total.com’ clear. “As soon as there is a new situation, we will inform the public about it.”

Markus Söder

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Markus SOder

Although safety and health enjoy “top priority” and “always follow the current official regulations” when planning and carrying out the events, the “goal” to return to the racetrack remains as soon as this is possible and justifiable from a safety and health point of view is “.

“Ghost games” in football “conceivable”: chance for the DTM?

The fact that the ITR refrains from canceling the season opener in Nuremberg has to do with the fact that in Germany the federal states themselves decide how the ban on major events is defined and implemented in detail. So far, these details are still unknown. It therefore makes sense to clarify the situation in advance before making a decision.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus SOder said on Thursday after a cabinet meeting in Munich that he considered so-called ghost games in football to be “conceivable”. Whether these are actually feasible will be discussed in the coming weeks.

“The league itself creates an intensive, and as I see and hear at first glance, very good hygiene concept. We will now evaluate it again carefully and then you have to see whether you can play ghost games. So games with spectators certainly not, but that others have to be evaluated “, SOder shows willing to compromise.

Prime Minister SOder professing Norisring fan

Although DTM boss Gerhard Berger had canceled a race without spectators over a week ago, the ITR is also checking this variant, according to information from ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. “The DTM has always been very fan-oriented,” said an ITR spokesman. “We want to entertain and inspire our fans as best we can with our sport.”

For the Motorsport Club Nurnberg (MCN), a “ghost race” would be a major financial challenge because the construction of the street course at the Dutzendteich poses high costs, but without the stands and spectators the costs would be lower. According to the current contract, one is dependent on ticket revenue, but it could possibly be renegotiated and a special arrangement with the ITR could be found.

And a postponement of the race – as is also the case in Zolder – cannot currently be ruled out. In addition, the Bavarian Prime Minister SOder himself comes from Nuremberg and is already a regular guest at the DTM classic.

The avowed Norisring fan traditionally presented the trophies at the award ceremony and spoke out in the previous year that the classic would remain. That is certainly not a disadvantage when it comes to finding a solution.


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