Duchess Kate is now putting on this new hairstyle

Duchess Kate is now putting on this new hairstyle

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Duchess Kate with a new hairstyle: the Long Bob Getty Images

They are known with long, flowing hair – mostly laid in waves and with a lot of volume. But now Duchess Kate showed herself on her trip to Ireland with a new hairstyle that corresponds to the current trends and looks even more modern due to the shorter hair. Like many stars currently, Duchess Kate has opted for a bob hairstyle. For a praise, in short for a long bob. Her long bob ends at the level of the collarbone, caresses her face and is made even more stylish by a grown French fringe. With so much trend sense, we are now inspired by Duchess Kate and take a closer look at her look.

Duchess Kate wears this bob hairstyle: what is a long bob?

A praise – short form of long bob – is the longer version of a bob hairstyle in which the hair goes over the shoulders and is usually cut to length. This hairstyle has established itself as a popular trend haircut in recent seasons and is now worn by many stars – including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Bieber. No wonder that Duchess Kate is now also praising and interpreting it with the blow-dry she is familiar with. The good thing about the long bob: this length of hair can stand perfectly on its own without appearing boring, but at the same time it is long enough to style different hairstyles.

How do you style the Duchess Kate long bob?

You have to say that Duchess Kate’s long bob is hard on the border – after all, this hairstyle starts at shoulder length and ends at the latest when the British duchess is cut. With her hair thickness, this choice makes sense, however, so that the hairstyle does not appear too voluminous and skilfully frames her face. For her long bob, she also opted for a straight cut and a French fringe, which is inspired by the casual ponies of the French women and blends easily into the top coat.

If you want to recreate the Duchess Kate Long Bob, blow-dry the hair in different layers to achieve the blow-dry. You start at the neck and pull the different hair sections over a round brush until you have finally reached the top hair. During these steps, you also decide for or against the loose waves, which can also be styled with a brush and hair dryer. Finally, fix the hairstyle with hairspray to give the volume and hairstyle a long hold.


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