Due to EM shift “no more time pressure”

Due to EM shift

Niklas Sule sees himself as the winner of the postponement

Bayern Munich defense chief Niklas Sule sees himself as the winner of the postponement. “It would be a lie if I said something different. I would have simply lacked match practice. I still strongly believed that I could help the national team. Now, of course, it is a clear advantage that I have a whole year left until EM, “said Sule in an interview with the Sport Information Service (SID).

The 24-time national team player Sule had torn his cruciate ligament in his left knee last October and is currently undergoing training. The corona break has now “simplified his rehab because I simply don’t have the time pressure to do three, four, five games again to go to the European Championship. The European Championship was in my head. And I strongly believed that that I could have done it, but that would have been a risk after this serious injury, “admitted the central defender.

His goal is now “that I start regular team training at the end of April, beginning of May, whatever that looks like. Then I will definitely need another three or four weeks to get used to the pace and the workload and to get back to where I see myself. But I hope that there will be enough time to do some more games this season, “said Sule.

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